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Arizona State University ALEKS Math Placement Test

As you prepare to join the Sun Devil family, one key step is the ALEKS Math Placement Test. This online assessment helps determine the best math course for your current skill level, ensuring you’re set up for success from the start. Unlike traditional tests, the ALEKS assessment adapts to your knowledge, providing a personalized evaluation of your mathematical abilities. Here’s everything you need to know about taking the ALEKS Math Placement Test at Arizona State University (ASU).

Why Take the ALEKS Math Placement Test?

The ALEKS Math Placement Test is essential for several reasons:

  • Optimal Course Placement: It ensures you're placed in the math course that best matches your current skills, preventing you from enrolling in a class that might be too easy or too challenging.

  • Degree Progression: Correct placement is crucial for meeting the math requirements of your degree program and staying on track for graduation.

  • Confidence Boost: Being in the right class can boost your confidence and enhance your overall academic performance.

Who Needs to Take the Test?

The ALEKS Math Placement Test is required for:

  • Incoming Freshmen: If you don’t have recent ACT or SAT math scores.

  • Transfer Students: Without transferable college-level math credits.

  • Current Students: Looking to enroll in a higher-level math course.

How to Take the ALEKS Math Placement Test

  1. Register for ALEKS: Log into your My ASU portal and register for the ALEKS assessment.

  2. Prepare: Utilize the ALEKS preparation modules to brush up on your math skills.

  3. Complete the Assessment: The test is online, typically takes 60-90 minutes, and must be completed in one sitting.

  4. Review and Retake: If needed, you have up to two additional attempts to improve your score.

System Requirements and Testing Environment

To ensure a smooth testing experience, make sure you have:

  • LockDown Browser: This browser must be installed to access the assessment.

  • Webcam: A working webcam is required for proctoring purposes.

  • Proper Environment: Take the assessment alone, without outside assistance, to ensure an accurate evaluation of your skills.

Understanding Your ALEKS ASU Score

After completing the test, you’ll receive an immediate score that determines your placement in ASU’s math courses. Here’s a breakdown of the scores and corresponding courses:

  • 0–60: Eligible for MAT 142 (College Mathematics) or MAT 117 (College Algebra).

  • 61–75: Eligible for MAT 119 (Finite Mathematics), MAT 170 (Precalculus), MAT 171 (Precalculus for STEM), MAT 210 (Brief Calculus), MAT 251 (Calculus for Life Sciences), STP 226 (Elements of Statistics), STP 231 (Statistics for Life Science).

  • 76–100: Eligible for MAT 265 (Calculus for Engineers I) or MAT 270 (Calculus with Analytic Geometry I).

Viewing Your Score

To view your score:

  1. Through ALEKS: Log into your ALEKS account and navigate to “Reports/Placement Results.”

  2. Via My ASU: Sign in to My ASU, go to “Grades and Transcripts” in the My Classes box, then click on “Transcripts and Test Scores” and “Placement/Admission Scores.”

Scores are typically available for registration within 24-48 hours after completing the assessment.

Retaking the ALEKS Test

If you’re not satisfied with your initial score, you have two more attempts. Here’s what to do before retaking the test:

  1. Access Prep Modules: Use the individualized ALEKS prep and learning modules to improve your skills.

  2. Cool-off Period: Wait 24 hours before your second attempt and log three hours of prep work before your third attempt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a calculator during the test?

A: ALEKS provides an on-screen calculator for specific questions. No external calculators are allowed.

Q: What kind of ID do I need?

A: You’ll need a photo ID, such as a school ID, state ID, driver’s license, or passport.

Q: How long are my scores valid?

A: Scores are valid for one year to ensure they reflect your current mathematical knowledge.

The ALEKS Math Placement Test is a crucial step in your journey at Arizona State University. It helps place you in the right math course, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your academic pursuits. By taking advantage of the prep modules and understanding your placement, you’ll be on the path to success from day one. For more details and to get started, visit the ASU Math Placement website.

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