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ALEKS Practice Test

What is the ALEKS Test?

The ALEKS Test is a computer-based assessment and learning system focused on mathematics. It assesses a student's math knowledge, provides personalized learning plans, and tracks progress. It's used by educational institutions for placement testing (mostly colleges) and by individuals for self-paced math improvement.

The number of questions in the ALEKS Math test can vary, but it is typically adaptive, meaning that the number of questions depends on how the student performs. This can range from approximately 15 to 30 questions or more.

The test has no time limit and primarily consists of multiple-choice and free-response questions

The ALEKS covers a wide range of math subtopics across various mathematical domains, such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics.

Free ALEKS Practice Test

ALEKS Math Placement Question #1

What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 10 units?


A) 50π square units
B) 100π square units
C) 25π square units
D) 314 square units

Answer & explanation:
The correct answer is (B)
100π square units.
The area of a circle is calculated using the formula πr², where r is the radius. The radius is half the diameter, so for a circle with a diameter of 10 units, the radius is 5 units. Therefore, the area is π × 5² = 25π = 100π square units.

ALEKS Math Placement Question #2

Which expression is equivalent to 2(x - 3) + 4x?


A) 6x - 6
B) 2x - 6
C) 6x - 3
D) 8x - 6

Answer & explanation:
The correct answer is (A)
6x - 6.
Expanding the expression: 2(x - 3) + 4x = 2x - 6 + 4x = 6x - 6.

ALEKS Math Placement Question #3

If f(x) = 3x + 2, what is f(5)?


A) 17
B) 15
C) 13
D) 20

Answer & explanation:
The correct answer is (A)
Substitute x with 5 in the function: f(5) = 3(5) + 2 = 15 + 2 = 17.

ALEKS Math Placement Question #4

What is the slope of the line represented by the equation 2y = 4x + 6?


A) 2
B) -2
C) 1/2
D) -1/2


Answer & explanation:
The correct answer is (A)
Rearranging the equation to the slope-intercept form, y = mx + b, gives y = 2x + 3. The coefficient of x (2) is the slope.

ALEKS Math Placement Question #5

Solve for x in the equation: 5x - 3 = 2x + 6.


A) x = 3
B) x = 9
C) x = -3
D) x = 4.5

Answer & explanation:
The correct answer is (A)
x = 3.
Rearrange the equation: 5x - 2x = 6 + 3, which simplifies to 3x = 9. Therefore, x = 9/3 = 3.

ALEKS Math Placement Question #6

What is the value of 8^2 ÷ 4^2?


A) 64
B) 4
C) 16
D) 2


Answer & explanation:
The correct answer is (C)
8^2 = 64 and 4^2 = 16. Therefore, 64 ÷ 16 = 4.

ALEKS Math Placement Question #7

If a triangle has angles measuring 35° and 65°, what is the measure of the third angle?


A) 80°
B) 75°
C) 85°
D) 90°

Answer & explanation:
The correct answer is (A)
The sum of the angles in a triangle is 180°. Therefore, the third angle = 180° - (35° + 65°) = 80°.

ALEKS Math Placement Question #8

Simplify the expression: (3x^3)(2x^2).


A) 6x^6
B) 6x^5
C) 5x^5
D) 5x^6

Answer & explanation:
The correct answer is (B)
When multiplying powers with the same base, add the exponents: 3x^3 * 2x^2 = 6x^(3+2) = 6x^5.

ALEKS Math Placement Question #9

What is the median of the set of numbers: 3, 7, 9, 13, 14?


A) 9
B) 7
C) 8
D) 10

Answer & explanation:
The correct answer is (A)
The median is the middle number in a sorted list. Here, the list is already sorted, and the middle number is 9.

ALEKS Math Placement Question #10

A rectangular garden measures 30 feet by 40 feet. What is the perimeter of the garden?


A) 140 feet
B) 70 feet
C) 120 feet
D) 210 feet

Answer & explanation:
The correct answer is (A)
140 feet.
The perimeter of a rectangle is 2(length + width). Therefore, perimeter = 2(30ft + 40ft) = 2(70ft) = 140 feet.

Temple University's ALEKS Practice Test PDF

How to Study for the ALEKS Math Placement Test?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for the ALEKS Math Placement test:


1. Understand the Test Format:

  • Familiarize yourself with the format of the ALEKS Math test, including the types of questions, and adaptive nature.

2. Determine Your Target Score:

  • Identify the ALEKS score required for your intended math course or program. This will help you set a specific target to aim for during your preparation.

3. Assess Your Math Skills:

  • Take a diagnostic ALEKS assessment or a practice test to evaluate your current math knowledge and identify areas of weakness .

4. Review College Math Concepts:

  • Identify the specific math topics covered on the ALEKS Math test and focus your review on those areas where you need improvement. Use textbooks, online tutorials, or educational websites to review relevant concepts.

5. Use ALEKS Prep Resources:

  • Take advantage of ALEKS-specific prep materials if they are available. ALEKS often provides its own study resources and ALEKS practice Test questions tailored to the format and content.

6. Track Your Progress:

  • Keep a record of your practice test scores and performance on specific topics. Monitor your progress and adjust your study plan as needed to focus on weaker areas.


Remember that preparation for the ALEKS Math test should be tailored to your individual needs and goals. The more targeted and focused your preparation, the better your chances of achieving your desired ALEKS score.

ALEKS Math Placement Test Sub-topic Breakdown

The ALEKS Math test assesses a wide array of math subtopics, each serving different aspects of mathematical knowledge:

  1. Arithmetic: This includes fundamental math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, along with fractions, decimals, percentages, and order of operations.

  2. Algebra: You'll encounter expressions, equations, linear and quadratic equations, exponents, and polynomial operations, among others.

  3. Geometry: Topics cover properties of shapes such as triangles and circles, along with calculations involving area, perimeter, volume, and coordinate geometry.

  4. Trigonometry: This section delves into trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, tangent), trigonometric identities, and solving trigonometric equations.

  5. Calculus: If relevant, expect questions on limits, derivatives, integration, and applications of calculus.

  6. Statistics and Data Analysis: Interpretation of data, probability and statistics, and descriptive statistics are included, along with probability distributions and sampling methods.

  7. Word Problems and Problem Solving: You'll face real-world problem-solving scenarios, requiring analytical skills and the application of math concepts.

  8. Advanced Topics (if applicable): Depending on the test version and your goals, advanced algebra, pre-calculus, or higher-level calculus concepts may be assessed.

Your focus should align with your specific objectives and the requirements of the institution or program you're targeting for ALEKS test preparation.


Is the ALEKS Test Hard?

The difficulty of the ALEKS Math Placement Test is relative to the individual's math proficiency and preparedness, this is because of the adaptive nature of the test. The purpose of the assessment is to identify areas of strength and weakness and to tailor a personalized learning plan to help the student improve in the areas where they need it most. If you find the ALEKS exam challenging, it can serve as a valuable tool to guide your math learning and development.

What is a Good ALEKS Test Score?

ALEKS scores often fall within a range of 0-100, usually scoring above 30 is enough for most college-level Math courses. Make sure to to gather information directly from the institution you plan to attend since ALEKS score requirements can vary widely.

How long does the ALEKS test take?

The test doesn’t have an official time limit but it takes on average approximately 90 minutes to complete.

How Many Times can you Take the ALEKS Test?

The number of times you can take the ALEKS Math Placement test may vary depending on the policies of the educational institution or organization that requires the test. ALEKS itself does not typically impose a strict limit on the number of attempts you can make, but institutions may have their own rules and limitations. From our research most colleges allow to take test up to 4 times.

Can you use a calculator on the ALEKS Test?

You cannot bring an external calculator, ALEKS provides its own calculator tool within the test interface. This calculator is typically available for specific questions that require calculations. It is a basic calculator that includes functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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